Screaming O

Screaming O Dynamo Delay Spray .5 fluid ounce

$26.61 $29.62
Enjoy longer lasting lovemaking with new and improved Dynamo Delay Black Label Edition, a deluxe desensitizing spray designed to delay male orgasm and prevent premature ejaculation. <br /><br />Clinically tested to be fast acting and non-irritating, Dynamo Delay is the strongest formula of its kind available over the counter, delivering more concentrated Lidocaine in each spray to temporarily reduce skin sensation and prolong your sexual encounters. <br /><br />Dynamo Delay Black comes in a pocket sized TSA friendly bottle perfect for taking on flights and carrying discreetly on the go. If you are seeking to extend your passion and pleasure your partner, Dynamo Delay Black Label Edition is the ideal tool to cool your tool for mutually satisfying sexual encounters. From Screaming O. You might also like Screamin Demon Pink Vibrator

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