Trojan Ultrafit Sensitive Tip 10ct

$20.23 $44.07

Trojan Brand Latex Condoms Ultra Fit Sensitive Tip 10 Count package from Paradise Marketing. Trojan Ultra Fit Bare Feel condoms are made to feel natural for maximum passion and pleasure. Designed with a snug base yet spacious around the head and shaft for a barely there sensationBare Feel is part of a premium collection of tailored shapes. Find the feel that fits you best. Shaped for your pleasure. Sensitive Tip feel designed to focus and intensify stimulation at the tip of the condoms. 10 condoms per box. Premium condom for contraception and STI protection. UPC 02260001416. Categories: Condoms, Sex Toys for Couples, Health and Beauty Aids, Trojan Brand Condoms. 2022.

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