Sport Sheets

Sex & Mischief Shadow Tie & Tickle Kit

$29.97 $61.32

Sex and Mischief Shadow Tie and Tickle Kit from Sportsheets. Unlock the next level of sensory play with a kit made to enhance pleasure. Tickle your partners fancy with a feather tickler that doubles as a Silicone Mini Whip, keep them in their place with Silky Cotton Rope restrains and elevate their senses with a silky smooth Blindfold. Features: mix and match products to set the scene. A soft Blindfold and Cotton Ropes allow for a gentle introduction to BDSM. Feather tickler doubles as a Silicone Mini Whip. Includes: 2 Cotton Ropes 15 feet each. 1 Feather Tickler, 1 Soft Blindfold. Materials: Cotton, Polyurethane PU, Feathers, Silicone, Phthalate free PVC, Elastane. Categories: Bondage, Fetish, Kink, Sex Toys for Couples, Sensual Kits, Bondage Kits, Kinky Sets. 2022.

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