20in Flexi Crop- Black Heart Shape Leather Tip

$34.55 $69.42

20 inches Flexi Crop Black Heart Shape Leather Tip from Spartacus Leathers. You can be dominant while still being Sweet with this Heart Shaped Tip all Leather crop. Heart shaped Leather tip is double layered for durability. The Shaft and the Handle is covered with top quality Leather. The wrist loop is top quality Leather. This relatively short-handled crop is a treat to play with- for both givers and receivers. The ample rubber handle has great grip and the wide heart-shaped tip sounds great smacking eager bottoms. Always predetermine a safe word or safe signal before doing any sensation play. Please note: it is possible to temporarily mark skin, welt, or bruise with impact play of any kind. Predetermine with the bottom which, if any, marks are acceptable, desired and play accordingly. This 20 inches Flexicrop features a stylish look with a super flexible body. Measurement: overall length 23.5 inches. Handle length 6 inches, wrist loop 5 inches. Shaft 14.75 inches. Slapper Heart piece 3 inches by 3 inches.

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