Bondage Soft Rope 33ft Pink

$25.37 $53.18

Bondage Soft Rope 33 feet Pink from Spartacus Leathers. Spartacus Bondage Rope is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Due to its soft material, its feels good against skin and great for all types of bondage and restraints. Plenty of rope to do simple to more complex bondage play such as rope harnesses. Because the rope is pliable it makes it easy to tie and untie. By using a thicker soft rope like this it makes it easy to coil around wrists, ankles and whatever else you want to keep secure. You can easily use this rope with our other products like leather bondage cuffs, hog ties and bondage belts. You can also use multiple colors to create that bondage masterpiece! Weight 0.4 pound. SKU BSPL-08E7. Colors available: Red, Black, Pink, Purple, Hemp. Spartacus Leathers - Bondage Soft Rope. Try our New line of Soft Cotton or Hemp Bondage Rope. Bondage, Fetish & Kink, Naughty Role Play, Birthday, Gag Gift, Bondage Restraints. Amazon Restriced. 2022.

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