Glow 2pcs Cock Ring Set Glow In The Dark

$21.89 $47.02

Ouch! Glow 2 Piece Cock Ring Set Glow In The Dark from Shots Toys. Ouch! Glow in the Dark, the future of bondage is here. Designed with an authentic bondage, fetish aesthetic, but with the added delight of the glow in the dark properties, the fluorescent green detailing will turn every event into a part. With Ouch! Glow in the Dark, the fun is just beginning when the lights go out. This cock ring set contains two sized rings that are comfortable and stretchy. The rings will improve your sexual performance and bring you tons of possibilities because of its flexibility. Please note Ouch!Glow In The Darkproducts must be activated with the sunlight before enjoying it in the dark. Specifications: dimensions package3.54 inches by 0.98 inch by 6.69 inches. Weight package 1.23 ounces. Product bulk weight 0.67 ounce. Made using body safe, Phthalate freematerials. Dimensions small ring length 2 inches by width 2 inches by height 0.3 inch. Inner diameter 1.2 inches. Dimensions medium ring length 2.1 inches by 2.1 inches in width by depth 0.3 inch. Inner diameter 1.4 inches. Materials Silicone. Categories: Sex Toys for Couples, Love Rings, Cock Rings, Classic Cock Rings, Me's Cock and Ball Gear. 2022.

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