Diamond Studded Ankle Cuffs

$39.89 $78.88

Ouch Diamond Studded Ankle Cuffs from Shots Toys. Get ready to please or receive in the intense Diamond BDSM line. Glamorously tough, the perfect combination of firm faux leather and glamorous diamond studs will turn you into the star attraction of the night. Sometimes not being in control is the sexiest thing in the world. Get tied up with Ankle Cuffs and enjoy your limited freedom. These ankle cuffs are adjustable in size and are easily attached together or to another object. The perfect addition to a very hot kind of trouble. It is time to set your dark side free. Weight package 5.29 ounces. Cuffs length 13.3 inches. Chain length 5.1 inches. Materials polyurethane PU leather.

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