NS Novelties

Electra Wrist Cuffs Pink

$35.89 $71.80

Electra Wrist Cuffs Pink by NS Novelties. Wrap it, tie it, make it look so sexy. With Electra Play Things from NS Novelties, looking good and feeling amazing goes hand in hand. Our Electra collection is made of synthetic materials, is easy to clean and neoprene lined for comfortable experience. Adjustable restraints. Brand: Electra Play Things. Model NSN-1310-24. UPC:657447105074. Product weight 7.76 ounces. Product dimensions 2.09 inches by 14.33 inches by 0.79 inch. Package dimensions 7.36 inches by 3.98 inches by 2.4 inches. Product materials Polyurethane PU Synthetic, Neoprene, Iron. NS Novelties - Electra Play Things.

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