Little Genie

Lets Get 's Up Ring Toss

$29.99 $61.35

Le's Get F*D Up Ring Toss from Little Genie Novelties. Lets Get Fucked Up Ring Toss is a hilarious fast paced party game with endless possibilities and fun! Included in the box is the opportunity to create your own dares with the included dry erase marker or use the included sheet of dares and challenges. With limited game pieces players are invited to create their own game play and rules! The heavy weight gold F-U finger is impressively crafted and makes a great centerpiece for this game that tests your skill and senses! Lets get Fucked up Ring Toss game is one of our many fine drinking games and ice breakers by Little Genie Production and Candyprints. Adults only please. Categories: Party Games, Gifts, Supplies, Party Favors, Adult Party Games. 2022.

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