Cousins Group

Alina Lopez Pussy Stroker

$29.99 $61.35

Alina Lopez Pussy Stroker from the Cousins Group. Movie down load available. Alina is used personally molded from her vagina, showing off her clitoris and silky lips while creating a super tight stroker that feels just like the porn star sized beauty herself! Always clean before and after use. Pat dry before storage. Alina Lopez is a half Hispanic, half European porn star known for her beautiful natural body, long tongue and willingness to please all genders. Raised in a Mormon conservative household she has broken all the molds with her dirty performances already. Only use a water based personal lubricant. Never a Silicone based personal lubricants. Categories: Male Masturbators, Sex Toys for Men, Solo Masturbators, Pussy Stroker, Masturbators Porn Star. 2023.

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