Rascal Toys

Cock Leash Single

$16.49 $37.47

Cock Leash Single from Rascal Toys. Bone for life. The Boneyard Cock Leash Single is the perfect cock ring, fully adjustable and easy to put on. The leash is 100% medical grade Silicone. The color coded ABS plastic latches (black, blue, red and yellow) allow for endless adjustment possibilities and the added hint of your fetish to the lucky guy that gets your clothes off. The bead also let you loosen of tighten the ring without the hassle of changing to a different ring and losing your stiffy. The Cock Leash Single fits around your shaft, your balls, or both. Cock Leash features: fully adjustable single latch adjustment system. Coded bead colors. 100% Soft Touch Silicone. Xtreme Durability. Care instructions: this product is safe with all lubricants. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and warm water or toy cleaner. Pat dry and allow product to completely air dry. Store separately. Rascal Toys - Boneyard.

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