Adrien Lastic

Adrien Lastic Mini Romeo + LRS Hands Free Double Vibrator

$135.07 $138.08
Adrien Lastic Mini Romeo Hands Free Double Vibrator. With an array of titillating functions and innovative system massaging the whole vagina from top to bottom. Powerful vibrating Clitoris Stimulator. Experience futuristic, hands free climaxes with Mini Romeo. His heart will pound deeply, dually pulsating throughout both your sweet spots for double the satisfaction. Mini Romeo is a charmer, so beware. His powerful clitoral and vaginal stimulation may just take your breath away. He completely understands your need to forcefully grab on to the sheets when he gets a little out of control, thus he was specially designed to be hands free. <br /><br />Depending on your need for release, his 10 quiet, pleasure filled settings can induce seduction with his multitude of modes. From a slow, steady speed to tickle and tease you to a swift, satisfying setting for orgasmic relief. All he needs from you is to navigate your climax with a push of a button. So lay back, relax and let this revolutionary vibrator do most of the work. Specifically designed with anatomy adapting abilities, his ultra curved shape forms to any female sweet spot. His sleek, bent body and superior flexibility ensures sensational clitoral and vaginal stimulation simultaneously. On the depths of his curve lies a soft, rippling, 3 waved surface, precisely textured to tantalize your clitoris. His rounded, ribbed head has a larger surface to create a lip biting intensity. Try not to tell him too often that its playtime. Mini Romeo needs to sleep and recharge his battery sometimes. Simply use the included USB cord to plug Mini Romeo in to an outlet for a mere 70 minutes to enjoy him for a full, toe curling hour. Size 4.76 inches by 1.10 inches. You might also like Adrien Lastic Trigger Pink Rabbit Vibrator

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